How well is your business protected against cyber threats and compliance requirements?

Your business is targeted more and more by cyber-attacks and cybercrime. The average cost of a small business breach is estimated at $120,000 and continues to rise year over year. You can greatly reduce your risk, though. We work with you to implement a pragmatic approach to security and a smart risk management process. Security and compliance don’t need to be cost prohibitive.

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Our Principles

Cybersecurity and compliance in small business takes knowledge, experience, and creativity. Above all, our goal is to see your business secure and successful without breaking your budget or grinding your business to a halt.

  • Be a trusted advisor to your business

  • Make recommnedations without bias or up-sell

  • Emphasize the people and relationships over the technology

  • Take the worry and fear out of security and compliance

What Our Clients Say

We were impressed with [Chris's] ability to tackle the complexities of the healthcare security world with a very friendly and approachable attitude.  He set out a plan for us which accomplished our goals, was not overwhelming, and took into account the fact that we’re a small business.  He helped us develop policies and procedures to properly document what we were doing, identified our gaps, and helped us fill them quickly and effectively.  We’ve been so impressed with Chris and his services that we included him in a program we have for our clients where we recommend vendors with whom we’ve had strong positive experience.  We feel like we have gained a friend and collaborator, not just another vendor.

Shirley Walker, President, Complete Provider Resource

Citadel Systems helped us through several key stages of growth. Their realistic look at risk and real-world recommendations were great at helping us secure important regulatory approvals.

Maf Sonko, Founder & CEO, LumoXchange

Chris supported us through multiple security and HIPAA compliance projects. He was very thorough in his assessment and worked closely with our IT service provider to integrate recommended fixes and lessons learned into the shared process of protecting our healthcare data. I’d recommend his company to anyone who has a HIPAA compliance requirement.

Howard Bennett, President, Systemedic

Chris did much more that analyze my computer security, he also looked at all my security processes and procedures.  He made several suggestions and his follow up report was outstanding at making sure I didn’t leave anything undone.  I would highly recommend Chris to help you improve the security of your business.

Dane Dover, CPA

Matt from Citadel Systems helped us with critical security support on short notice. His in-depth knowledge and experience with the technology allowed us to better support our clients and keep them secure.  We view him as a valuable and skilled resource that we will continue to use for our various information security requirement.

Ron Savoia, Owner and Founder, Stratus Innovations Group

Why Choose Us

  • Cybersecurity risk can be tricky to manage. You need the right company to help you navigate the turbulent and ever changing waters.

  • Small Business Focus

    We bring years of large business experience down to small business size.

  • Trusted Partner

    We offer unbiased and realistic advice that fits your business.

  • Cost Effective

    Our services fit within a small business budget.

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