2017 Calendar

2017 To Do List

As we start a new year, we have a great opportunity to do so securely.  Here are a few ways to start the year off right:

1.  Train your workforce to spot ransomware (and phishing and social engineering attacks)

While backups are a great way to ensure ransomware doesn’t completely cripple your company, empowering users to detect and prevent ransomware is still the best way.  Provide regular training to your employees on the types and indicators of ransomware that are prominent.  Make them your well-armed first line of defense.

2.  Bolster your technical defenses

Ensure you have a solid boundary in place.  You probably already have the means with a firewall device, but make sure it’s configured to protect you and not just look pretty in your IT closet.  Additionally, review the design of your network architecture to take advantage of the layered security benefits from network segmentation.  And finally, protect your end users through strong workstation and laptop configurations.  Well maintained anti-malware is a must, but also ensure your configurations are standardized and secure.

3.  Document your program

This doesn’t need to be an elaborate work of Shakespeare.  Actually, the fluff and boilerplate text are the opposite of useful.  Just codify the basics of your program.  You can find more detailed guidance in a previous post.  Keep it simple, keep it readable, and make sure your workforce knows about it.  It’s a working document, not a shelf-sitting, dust gatherer.

These steps can help you get going in 2017 and combat many of the risks we saw in 2016.  Our shared goal is for your business to run smoothly without the worry of breaches, compromises, or hacks.  The new year is shaping up to be a great one for small businesses.  Make sure you are a part of that success.

Here’s to a wildly successful year!