Cybersecurity Consultant

Should you hire a cyber security consultant?

As a business owner, your first goal is to keep your business running and stable. You focus on products, services, clients, sales, finances, employees, and more every single day. As the business grows, you begin hiring employees and outsourcing tasks. You may hire a sales manager, but outsource accounting. For many roles, the decision to hire or outsource is one of business focus. You hire for roles that are close to the operational purpose of your business and outsource the ones that aren’t core, but necessary to succeed. You may also outsource when the role isn’t big enough to warrant a full-time employee.

Cyber security is one of those specialized roles that’s becoming more and more necessary in today’s business, but when does it make sense to call an expert?

  1. If you have compliance requirements such as HIPPA, PCI, or FISMA/NIST
  2. If you have sensitive information from clients or partners
  3. If you have more than just a few computers or cloud services
  4. If your business relies on computer control of manufacturing processes
  5. If you ever been hacked, breached, or compromised

Of course, if you are concerned about the security in your business you can also call on a cyber security consultant.  The right consultant will shape services to meet your needs and budget.

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