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Cybersecurity Pitfalls in Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

We all know that cyber security isn’t an easy task for many businesses. There are many cybersecurity pitfalls that can trouble a small or mid-sized business. It’s not that it’s overly complicated in any one area, but it spans so many different parts of the business it’s hard to keep it all together. That’s precisely why we always recommend building cyber security as a program within your business. The management and focus that comes from a concise and coherent program are the only way to keep your defenses up. Integrating cyber security into your business operations improves your security posture and better ensures successful long-term defense against attacks.

There are still some pitfalls that your business can fall into if you lose that focus. This article from my insurance friends spells out several of those pitfalls very well.

While reason #5 is a bit geared to the larger end of mid-sized businesses, the other 4 reasons are particularly spot-on when it comes to both mid-sized and small businesses. Numbers 2 and 3 are where’d I’d put the most effort to correct. Both tend to play off each other. If you haven’t set aside at least some resources to maintain security, you will lose focus and let your program spoil. It should be very apparent from recent attacks that the hackers are changing their tactics regularly. You must also change your tactics to continue prevention of successful breaches.

Overall, the article is a good read and something for every business owner and decision maker to consider.


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