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Security and Compliance Audit

Risk management begins with knowing what the risk is. Through our audit and assessment process, we measure your adherence to a compliance framework such as HIPAA or NIST or we measure your security against industry best practices. We review your technical security, business procedures, and physical protections and give you detailed recommendations and an overall risk score.


Managed Security

Let the pros handle it all. We will develop and annual plan to improve security and manage risk across your business. We bring you up to a secure state and keep you there. We do what is necessary to keep your business secure for the long haul.

  • Compliance and Security Audits

  • Security Improvement

  • Continuous Risk Management

  • Security Awareness Training

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Custom Security Projects

We can help you implement specific recommendations from audits or needs identified by other sources. The possibilities are endless.

  • Policy and Procedure Development

  • System and Network Hardening

  • Network Monitoring and Audit Log Management

  • Vulnerability and Patch Management

Vulnerability Scanning and Penetrating Testing

All compliance frameworks require regular vulnerability scanning or penetration testing, but there are also numerous other reasons you'd want these services.

  • Internal and External Scanning

  • Network Penetration Testing

  • Web Application Penetration Testing

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